Seal Bowl

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This is a carved by hand knives and adze Seal Bowl or dish by Terry Jackson.

It is carved in Birch and hand stained in layers  for a Patina effect .Traditionally used for oils for dipping dried salmon

Seals like to rest and sun  themselves on rocks out of the water and often you can see them in this posture which works well for a bowl following  the traditional canoe shape.

The Hallmark of a successful animal designed bowl is integrating the character of the animal(eg Seal ) into a canoe bowl  not just a hole in the back of the animal.Somewhere in the 19th century ,various carvers in the northern region seemed to challenge each other in depicting their version of this type of bowl.

The McChord Museum in Montreal has a few delightful versions.The arch enemy of Seals were killer whales or Orcas and sharks which preyed on them and the lower half of the bowl has a shark designs

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