These Art tiles are made  by simple handpressing stoneware clay into a plaster mould made from a carving in wood  by Terry Jackson. There are two different lines ,a smaller square with animal motifs and a larger dragonfly abstract series of four.

Below demonstrates basic process

Terry rolls stoneware clay out and drapes it over mould and carefully pushed clay into all depressions.When it has dried and shrunk somewhat ,it is flipped over and laid on a drying board .After  a few days ,it is monitored for warping and also to clean edges and correct any details.

Freshly cast in Mould

Shrinking stage before taking out of mould

When a successful tile is dried ,it is fired in a kiln to a Bisque temperature.Now it is ready for glazing and fired again up to three times with different layers of glazes to achieve the desired look for each individual piece.

Getting to a final piece ,there is a certain amount of losses. As my wife was an excellent potter thrower I learned a lot of about handmade glazes.My favourite is what is called semi matte with micro crystals.Thickness are very important with these type of glazes. As you can see.each glazed tile is individual and unrepeatable to match exact colors and placement.I would try to match frame color to each glazed tile.

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