Porcelain Artvases Terry Jackson Designs

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In 1995 Terry embarked on a whole new adventure with designing a series of wood models and then learning the very difficult technical challenges of mould making and then equally difficult task of coming to know the medium of fine Porcelain.

Terry’s established his first line of porcelain”Tsolum River Studios” ,making all the porcelain at his home studio.The line was limited to 950 pieces each model.

Tsolum River Studios  Numberd and limited Edition  1995 -2004


Terry Jackson Designs Porcelain 

After ten years,he delegated the production to the very capable company Yaosheng Ceramics of Jindengzhen China ,manufacturers of very high quality translucent  to museums around the world including the Smithsonian.He named this particular business Blue Bird House Ltd and is currently Terry Jackson Designs .These were limited mainly to 500 pieces for each model

Some of these have sold out and are no longer available.

The Porcelain Art vases of Terry Jackson .To see what is available ,continue to Art Works for Sale